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We're the best platform to choose from variety of Premium Templates, Widgets, SEO, Tips & Tricks, and AMP etc.

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We all starts our Blogging Journey with a FREE blog but we don't have enough resources to make free blog look pro. We brings you (Eezyblogger)!

Eezy Blogger

We've Template:

Every blog starts with a good layout and premium design that makes every blog look pro and engage users on their site!

Keeping in mind, we decided you to provide premium blogger templates for newbies even for pro-bloggers. Now, you can access all from this platform.

SEO Tips:

Traffic is a top priority for every blog, sites that have good traffic builds Trust, Earn Money and Build Connections.

  • Learning to build consistent traffic
  • Building backlinks
  • Optimising SEO friendly pages
Optimize your Blogger SEO like a Pro


Just writing and publishing post isn't good for bloggers. We should know the possible ways to monetize blog and earn money.

  • Earn through AdSense
  • Through sponsored posts
  • And by affiliate marketing.
Find possible ways to monetize your Blogger Site!


  • Templates

    Get premium blogger templates with stunning designs and customizable features to elevate your blog's functionality.

  • Widgets

    Enhance your blog's with our customizable widgets that add a touch of style and interactivity.

  • SEO Tips

    Maximize blog traffic with our expert SEO tips for bloggers to improve search engine rankings.

  • Monetization

    Unlock the earning potential of your blog with our proven ways to monetize your blogger platform.

  • AMP

    Transform your blog with lightning-fast loading times and enhanced user experience using AMP technology.

  • Fix Errors

    Get expert guidance and troubleshoot common errors on your Blogger platform with our comprehensive solutions.

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All-in-One Solution Platform for including SEO, Template, Widget, Tips, Issues, Make Money, AMP for your blogger site!

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Wanna improve your blogger? Try! Eezy Blogger ~ Our all-in-one platform for offers SEO, Templates, Widgets, Tips & Tricks, Monetization and AMP. Upgrade your blog today for success!

Maki Jason

Web Developer

I'm a newbie web developer, and when I started my new blog on Blogspot. I was looking for templates, widgets to make my blog look pro, and finally, I heard of Eezy Blogger ~ All-in-One Solution Platform for

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My opinion about Eezy Blogger is fabulous. As it provides everything we need to kickstart our profitable blogger business! Get everything.


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What does eezyblogger offers?

Eezy Blogger is an all-in-one solution platform for! Get everything you need for your blogspot site. We've Templates, Widgets, SEO Tips to get more traffic, Fix Errors on blogger to standout, Ways to Monetize Blogger etc.

Do you offer any services that may help bloggers online?

Yes, we have many services that bloggers can use to grow their blogger site. Some of our services are absolutely FREE (like eBooks, Guides etc) and some PAID (like Templates etc). But at the ever lowest prices!

What benefits we'll get when we help you grow globally?

When you help Eezy Blogger grow globally then you'll get many benefits:
• Getting valid DOFOLLOW backlink.
• Free Consulting.
• and much more...

Will eezyblogger worth it?

Yes, we're working on a great project to support every blogger monetize their content. So, your one help will be worth us (just one share) and we'll make your content more worth!

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